Did you know table tennis has been an Olympic Sport since 1988?
Did you know table tennis is the fastest ball sport in the world with ball
traveling at over 180 kph and spinning at up to 150 revolutions per second?

At Atlanta Table Tennis Academy (ATTA) We are committed to
developing great players, and good people. We believe that without the right
heart and mind champions can never be made.

Our goals are:
  • To promote the sport among all age groups, ethnic groups no matter
    your current level of table tennis skill.
  • To instill the ambitious players with the forefront table tennis concepts,
    techniques, and to take the competitive players to the next level
    technically, tactically, physically, mentally and emotionally.   
  • To provide our players with opportunity to develop leadership skills,
    cultivate the spirit of team work, and enhance the competitiveness to
    attend top universities with strong athletic achievements.

Our vision is to be able to develop top young players ranked top 15 in age
groups nationwide, to qualify for national cadet team, junior team, and
national team.
If you are committed, disciplined and determined to succeed, ATTA is the
place for you; it is not for players without commitment and drive.

Players train in small groups with strong one-on-one attention. Training
schemes are developed or approved by head coach Wang with emphasis
on the combination of perfection of fundamental strokes and game
situation. Private lessons are provided, but not strongly recommended
since we believe small group lessons will develop better players if they are
well organized and guided by coaches. Group training provides the kind of
chemistry that individual lessons simply just cannot offer.

ATTA, our training styles are characterized by “overload” training, higher
technique standards, and results.

Table tennis is the best brain sport; players can reap so many mental,
physical, and social benefits from it. Majority of people playing table tennis
is just for fun or personal well being. No matter what purposes of playing
table tennis in your mind, either for your kid or yourself, you will find our
academy has the program that suit your need.     

ATTA facilities include 10 Butterfly Centrefold  table tennis tables, rubber
flooring, more than 1000 Lux lighting; two tone wall.
4630 Valais Court, Johns Creek, GA 30022
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